Kitl Syrob Okurka BIO byl pouze v letn\u00ed limitovan\u00e9 edici. Pro V\u00e1\u0161 velk\u00fd z\u00e1jem je tedy ji\u017e n\u00e1\u0161 Okurkov\u00fd BIO Syrob v balen\u00ed 500 ml vyprod\u00e1n<\/span>. M\u00e1te ale st\u00e1le mo\u017enost objednat Kitl Syrob Okurka BIO v balen\u00ed 5 l<\/a>.<\/h3>\r\n


Zaj\u00edmavosti o okurce<\/h3>\r\n

Okurka je p\u016fvodn\u011b tropick\u00e1 rostlina poch\u00e1zej\u00edc\u00ed z Asie. P\u0159ed v\u00edce ne\u017e 4 tis\u00edci lety ji za\u010dali p\u011bstovat Indov\u00e9, od nich\u017e se pak d\u00edky star\u00fdm \u0158ek\u016fm a \u0158\u00edman\u016fm roz\u0161\u00ed\u0159ila do Evropy. A byla tak popul\u00e1rn\u00ed, \u017ee c\u00edsa\u0159 Tiberius ji vy\u017eadoval na stole ka\u017ed\u00fd den, a to i v zim\u011b. Okurky m\u011bly tehdy sv\u00e9 m\u00edsto i v l\u00e9\u010ditelstv\u00ed. Slavn\u00fd filosof a spisovatel Plinius Star\u0161\u00ed zanechal na \u010dty\u0159icet osv\u011bd\u010den\u00fdch recept\u016f. Sta\u0159\u00ed \u0158\u00edman\u00e9 v\u011b\u0159ili, \u017ee okurka ochr\u00e1n\u00ed p\u0159ed kousnut\u00ed \u0161korpionem nebo zapla\u0161\u00ed my\u0161i. \u017deny, je\u017e cht\u011bly ot\u011bhotn\u011bt, ji nosily zav\u011b\u0161enou u pasu. V sou\u010dasn\u00e9 dob\u011b je okurka ned\u00edlnou sou\u010d\u00e1st\u00ed v\u011bt\u0161iny sv\u011btov\u00fdch kuchyn\u00ed. Recepty jsou rozmanit\u00e9, od sladk\u00e9ho okurkov\u00e9ho kol\u00e1\u010de a\u017e po v\u00fdte\u010dnou dom\u00e1c\u00ed limon\u00e1du.\u00a0<\/p>\r\n



Recyklujte na\u0161e lahve. Sta\u010d\u00ed je tak, jak jsou hodit do kontejneru na barevn\u00e9 sklo. Podle vyj\u00e1d\u0159en\u00ed skl\u00e1rny opravdu nen\u00ed nutn\u00e9 z lahve odstra\u0148ovat ani pap\u00edrovou etiketu, ani v\u00ed\u010dko<\/strong>. S obalem si bez pot\u00ed\u017e\u00ed porad\u00ed.<\/p>\r\n


Recepty z Kitl Syrob Okurka BIO<\/h2>\r\n

Okurkov\u00e1 Biolimon\u00e1da<\/h3>\r\n

Okurkov\u00fd Syrob, pl\u00e1tky Bio okurky a led zalijte vychlazenou sodovkou.<\/p>\r\n

Okurkov\u00e9 Virgin Mojito<\/h3>\r\n

Na dn\u011b skleni\u010dky podr\u0165te \u010derstvou m\u00e1tu, limetku a led, zalijte okurkov\u00fdm Syrobem a perlivou vodou. P\u0159id\u00e1te-li b\u00edl\u00fd rum nebo vodku, n\u00e1poj ztrat\u00ed svoji nevinnost, ale l\u00e9to bude z\u00e1bavn\u011bj\u0161\u00ed!<\/p>\r\n

Koktejl G.O.T.<\/h3>\r\n

Bo\u017esk\u00fd koktejl vykouzl\u00edte sm\u00edch\u00e1n\u00edm dobr\u00e9ho Ginu, okurkov\u00e9ho Syrobu a Tonicu. Dobrou chu\u0165!<\/p>\r\n

Okurkov\u00e1 zmrzlina<\/h3>\r\n

Okurkov\u00fd Syrob sm\u00edchejte s\u00a0rozmixovanou okurkou, vodou, cukrem a sn\u011bhem z\u00a0vaje\u010dn\u00e9ho b\u00edlku. Dejte zmrazit a ka\u017edou p\u016flhodinu prom\u00edchejte, dokud sm\u011bs neztuhne.<\/p>\r\n


Slo\u017een\u00ed:<\/strong>\u00a0t\u0159tinov\u00fd cukr*, okurkov\u00e1 \u0161\u0165\u00e1va* (Cucumis sativus L., 5%), regul\u00e1tor kyselosti: kyselina citr\u00f3nov\u00e1, koncentr\u00e1t spiruliny, koncentr\u00e1t sv\u011btlice barv\u00ed\u0159sk\u00e9, p\u0159\u00edrodn\u00ed aroma.<\/p>\r\n

*z ekologick\u00e9ho zem\u011bd\u011blstv\u00ed<\/p>\r\n

D\u00e1vkov\u00e1n\u00ed:<\/strong> Pro p\u0159\u00edpravu dom\u00e1c\u00edch limon\u00e1d \u0159e\u010fte nejl\u00e9pe s\u00a0kvalitn\u00ed vodou v pom\u011bru 1:10.<\/p>\r\n

Ostatn\u00ed informace:<\/strong>\u00a0Skladujte v chladu a temnu. P\u0159\u00edpadn\u00fd z\u00e1kal nebo p\u011bna nejsou na z\u00e1vadu a podtrhuj\u00ed p\u0159\u00edrodn\u00ed charakter produktu. P\u0159ed upot\u0159eben\u00edm prot\u0159epejte. Po otev\u0159en\u00ed uchovejte v chladu a spot\u0159ebujte do 14 dn\u00ed. Baleno v ochrann\u00e9 atmosf\u00e9\u0159e.<\/p>\r\n

V\u00fdrobek obsahuje ve 100 ml:<\/strong>\u00a0energetick\u00e1 hodnota 1454 kJ\/346 kcal, tuky < 0,1 g, z toho nasycen\u00e9 mastn\u00e9 kyseliny < 0,1 g, sacharidy 85 g, z toho cukry 85 g, b\u00edlkoviny < 0,1 g, s\u016fl < 0,1 g.<\/p>|Kitl Syrob Okurka Bio 500 ml|

Interesting facts about cucumber<\/h2>\r\n

Cucumber is originally a tropical plant originating in Asia. More than 4,000 years ago, the Indians began to grow it, and then, thanks to the ancient Greeks and Romans, it spread to Europe. And it was so popular that Emperor Tiberius demanded it on the table every day, even in winter. The cucumbers had their place in healing then. The famous philosopher and writer Plinius the Elder left on forty proven recipes. The ancient Romans believed that the cucumber would protect them from scorpion bites or scare away mice. The women who wanted to get pregnant wore it hanging at their waists. Currently, cucumber is an integral part of most of the world's cuisines. The recipes are varied from sweet cucumber cake to delicious homemade lemonade.<\/p>\r\n


Recipes from Kitl Organic Cucumber Syrup<\/h2>\r\n

Organic cucumber lemonade<\/h3>\r\n

Pour Cucumber Syrob Kitl, slices of organic cucumber and ice with chilled soda.<\/p>\r\n

Cucumber Virgin Mojito<\/h3>\r\n

At the bottom of the glass, crush fresh mint, lime and ice, pour Cucumber Syrob and sparkling water. If you add white rum or vodka, the drink will lose its innocence, but summer will be more fun!<\/p>\r\n

Cocktail G.O.T.<\/h3>\r\n

You will have a divine cocktail by mixing good Gin, Cucumber Syrob and Tonic. Enjoy!<\/p>\r\n

Cucumber ice cream<\/h3>\r\n

Mix the cucumber Syrob with blended cucumber, water, sugar and \"snow\" from egg whites. Freeze and mix every half hour until the mixture solidifies.\u00a0\u00a0\u00a0<\/p>\r\n


Ingredients:<\/strong> cane sugar*, cucumber juice* (Cucumis sativus L., 5%), acidity regulator: citric acid, spirulina concentrate, safflower concentrate, natural flavor.<\/p>\r\n

* from organic farming<\/p>\r\n

Dosage:<\/strong> For the preparation of homemade lemonades, dilute 1:10 with good quality water.<\/p>\r\n

Other information:<\/strong> Store in a cool and dark place. Any haze or foam does not hinder the product's natural character. Shake before use. Once opened, keep cool and use within 14 days. Packaged in a protective atmosphere.<\/p>\r\n

The product contains in 100 ml:<\/strong> energy value 1454 kJ \/ 346 kcal, fats <0.1 g, of which saturated fatty acids <0.1 g, carbohydrates 85 g, of which sugars 85 g, proteins <0.1 g, salt <0.1 g.<\/p>|Kitl Cucumber Organic Syrup","menu":"1","name":"Kitl Syrob Okurka Bio 500 ml","slug":"kitl-syrob-okurka-bio-500-ml","modified":"2019-08-08 10:55:01","params":{"596":{"label":"Obr\u00e1zek","value":"1905\/kitl-syrob-okurka-bio.jpg","list":null},"597":{"label":"Skladov\u00e1 dostupnost","value":"Moment\u00e1ln\u011b nen\u00ed skladem","list":"747"},"610":{"label":"Mo\u017en\u00fd n\u00e1kup v l\u00e9k\u00e1rn\u011b","value":"yes","list":"748"},"600":{"label":"K\u00f3d","value":"1692","list":null},"601":{"label":"EAN","value":"859 52510 0140 8","list":null},"611":{"label":"Po\u010det ks v kartonu","value":"6","list":null},"615":{"label":"Sazba DPH","value":"15","list":"752"},"616":{"label":"D\u00e1rek (v\u010d. DPH)","value":"","list":null},"614":{"label":"Cena v\u010d. DPH","value":"129","list":null},"607":{"label":"Objem","value":"0.5","list":null},"608":{"label":"Alkohol","value":"0","list":null},"719":{"label":"Vhodn\u00e9 pro vegetari\u00e1ny\/vegany","value":null,"list":null},"720":{"label":"Bez lepku","value":null,"list":null},"605":{"label":"Rozm\u011bry","value":"63 x 63 x 273 mm","list":null},"604":{"label":"V\u00e1ha","value":"995 g","list":null},"602":{"label":"MJ","value":"l","list":null},"606":{"label":"Z\u00e1ruka","value":"12","list":null},"685":{"label":"Obl\u00edben\u00fd produkt","value":null,"list":null},"849":{"label":"Nad 18 let","value":"","list":null}},"system":{"image":"1905\/kitl-syrob-okurka-bio.jpg","availability":"Moment\u00e1ln\u011b nen\u00ed skladem","pharmacy":"yes","code":"1692","ean":"859 52510 0140 8","package_amount":"6","vat":"15","gift":"","price":"129","capacity":"0.5","alcohol":"0","vegetarian":null,"gluten_free":null,"sizes":"63 x 63 x 273 mm","weight":"995 g","unit":"l","guaranty":"12","top":null,"age18":""},"attachments":{"38557":{"id":"38557","translated":false,"parent":"38556","type":"141","data":"1905\/kitl-syrob-okurka-bio_1558945282.jpg","menu":"1","name":"Kitl Syrob Okurka BIO","slug":"kitl-syrob-okurka-bio-jpg","modified":"2019-05-27 10:21:33","params":[],"system":[],"attachments":[]}},"child":[]}}],"count":1,"data":[],"currency_code":"CZK","0":"currency_char","1":"K\u010d"}