Co je Kitl \u0160l\u00e1ftru\u0148k?<\/h2>\r\n

Kitl \u0160l\u00e1ftru\u0148k pat\u0159\u00ed mezi dnes ji\u017e t\u00e9m\u011b\u0159 zapomenut\u00e1 medicin\u00e1ln\u00ed v\u00edna, kter\u00e1 v minulosti lid\u00e9 s oblibou u\u017e\u00edvali nejenom p\u0159ed span\u00edm. Vyzna\u010duje se typickou chut\u00ed, m\u00e1 zklid\u0148uj\u00edc\u00ed a uvol\u0148uj\u00edc\u00ed \u00fa\u010dinky. Hod\u00ed se jako p\u0159\u00edjemn\u00e1 te\u010dka k zakon\u010den\u00ed n\u00e1ro\u010dn\u00e9ho dne a doporu\u010dujeme ho proto u\u017e\u00edvat nejl\u00e9pe p\u0159ed span\u00edm. Kitl \u0160l\u00e1ftru\u0148k je registrov\u00e1n jako dopln\u011bk stravy.<\/p>\r\n

Co obsahuje Kitl \u0160l\u00e1ftru\u0148k<\/h3>\r\n
  • Kitl \u0160l\u00e1ftru\u0148k se vyr\u00e1b\u00ed podle tajn\u00e9ho p\u0159edpisu z r\u00e9vov\u00e9ho v\u00edna, 7 bylinek na uklidn\u011bn\u00ed*) a hroznov\u00e9ho mo\u0161tu.<\/li>\r\n<\/ul>\r\n
    • P\u0159i v\u00fdrob\u011b se sna\u017e\u00edme co nejv\u00edce zachovat jeho p\u0159\u00edrodn\u00ed a zdrav\u00ed prosp\u011b\u0161n\u00fd charakter, neobsahuje proto \u017e\u00e1dn\u00e1 um\u011bl\u00e1 barviva, sladidla nebo \u0159epn\u00fd cukr.<\/li>\r\n<\/ul>\r\n
      • N\u00e1poj nab\u00edz\u00edme ve variant\u00e1ch Rud\u00fd a Zlat\u00fd, li\u0161\u00ed se od sebe pou\u017eit\u00fdm v\u00ednem. Vyb\u00edraj\u00ed se v\u00edna, kter\u00e1 v chuti nejl\u00e9pe lad\u00ed s bylinkami (aby se navz\u00e1jem nep\u0159eb\u00edjely a vynikla v\u016fn\u011b a chu\u0165 bylinek).<\/li>\r\n<\/ul>\r\n
        • Kitl \u0160l\u00e1ftru\u0148k je medicin\u00e1ln\u00ed v\u00edno, obsahuje proto alkohol (necel\u00fdch 10%).<\/li>\r\n<\/ul>\r\n

          *) medu\u0148ka l\u00e9ka\u0159sk\u00e1, konop\u00ed set\u00e9, oves set\u00fd, l\u00edpa obecn\u00e1, citron\u00edk pomeran\u010dov\u00fd sladk\u00fd, ma\u0159inka vonn\u00e1 a magnolka \u010d\u00ednsk\u00e1<\/p>\r\n<\/div>\r\n<\/div>\r\n


          Slo\u017een\u00ed: r\u00e9vov\u00e9 v\u00edno \u010derven\u00e9, zahu\u0161t\u011bn\u00fd hroznov\u00fd mo\u0161t, v\u00fdta\u017eky z bylin (11 ml ve 100 ml n\u00e1poje: medu\u0148ka l\u00e9ka\u0159sk\u00e1, konop\u00ed set\u00e9, oves set\u00fd, l\u00edpa obecn\u00e1, citron\u00edk pomeran\u010dov\u00fd sladk\u00fd, ma\u0159inka vonn\u00e1, magnolka \u010d\u00ednsk\u00e1), aroma, zahu\u0161\u0165ovadlo: arabsk\u00e1 guma z v\u00fdronk\u016f strom\u016f Acacia, konzervant: sorban draseln\u00fd, antioxidant: oxid si\u0159i\u010dit\u00fd.<\/p>\r\n

          Alergeny: oxid si\u0159i\u010dit\u00fd, oves set\u00fd<\/p>\r\n

          Ostatn\u00ed informace: Dopln\u011bk stravy.<\/p>\r\n

          D\u00e1vkov\u00e1n\u00ed: 1 d\u00e1vka 50-100ml ve\u010der, 1-2 hodiny p\u0159ed span\u00edm.<\/p>\r\n

          Neobsahuje um\u011bl\u00e1 barviva, sladidla ani \u0159epn\u00fd cukr, obsahuje si\u0159i\u010ditany. Obsah alkoholu 9,5% obj.<\/p>\r\n

          Skladujte v chladu a temnu. Bylinn\u00e9 v\u00fdta\u017eky sedimentuj\u00ed, p\u0159\u00edpadn\u00fd z\u00e1kal nebo p\u011bna nen\u00ed na z\u00e1vadu a podtrhuj\u00ed p\u0159\u00edrodn\u00ed charakter produktu. P\u0159ed upot\u0159eben\u00edm prot\u0159epejte. Po otev\u0159en\u00ed uchovejte p\u0159i teplot\u011b do 10\u00b0C a spot\u0159ebujte do 5 dn\u016f.<\/p>\r\n

          Upozorn\u011bn\u00ed: Nen\u00ed ur\u010deno osob\u00e1m mlad\u0161\u00edm 18 let, t\u011bhotn\u00fdm a koj\u00edc\u00edm \u017een\u00e1m. Uchov\u00e1vejte mimo dosah d\u011bt\u00ed. U\u017e\u00edv\u00e1te-li l\u00e9ky nebo jste nemocn\u00ed, pora\u010fte se s l\u00e9ka\u0159em. Nep\u0159ekra\u010dujte doporu\u010denou d\u00e1vku. Stres a nespavost mohou b\u00fdt z\u00e1va\u017en\u00fdm probl\u00e9mem, v p\u0159\u00edpad\u011b dlouhodob\u00fdch nebo siln\u00fdch pot\u00ed\u017e\u00ed kontaktujte sv\u00e9ho l\u00e9ka\u0159e nebo l\u00e9k\u00e1rn\u00edka. Nem\u016f\u017ee b\u00fdt u\u017e\u00edv\u00e1no jako n\u00e1hrada pestr\u00e9 stravy. Baleno v ochrann\u00e9 atmosf\u00e9\u0159e dus\u00edku.<\/p>\r\n

          Informace pro diabetiky: v\u00fdrobek je mo\u017en\u00e9 v omezen\u00e9m mno\u017estv\u00ed a po konzultaci s l\u00e9ka\u0159em u\u017e\u00edvat diabetiky 1. i 2. typu, mus\u00ed se ale zapo\u010d\u00edtat do denn\u00edho p\u0159\u00edjmu energie.\u00a0Energetick\u00e1 hodnota 100ml n\u00e1poje je 326 kJ \/ 78 kcal.<\/p>\r\n<\/div>|Kitl \u0160l\u00e1ftru\u0148k Rud\u00fd 500 ml|

          What is Kitl Nightcap?<\/h2>\r\n

          Kitl Nightcap is one of the almost forgotten medicinal wines, which in the past people enjoyed not only before bedtime. It has a typical taste, it has soothing and relaxing effects. It is good end to a difficult day, so we recommend that you use it best before bedtime. Kitl Nightcap is registered as a food supplement.\u00a0The alcohol content of this medicinal wine is just below 10% of the volume. Kitl Nightcap Red has the aroma and taste of vermouth.<\/p>\r\n


          What Kitl Nightcap contains<\/h3>\r\n

          Kitl Nightcap Red is produced according to a secret wine recipe containing 7 herbs for calming *) and grape must.<\/p>\r\n

          When producing we try to preserve as much as possible from its natural and health-friendly character, making no artificial dyes, sweeteners or sugar beet.<\/p>\r\n

          We offer Kitl Nightcap in the Red and Gold variants which differs according to the used wine. The kind of wine is chosen to match the best to used herbs (so that they do not overflow the smell and taste of herbs).<\/p>\r\n

          Kitl Nightcap is a medicinal wine, it contains alcohol (less than 10% of the volume).<\/p>\r\n

          *)\u00a0lemon balm, hemp, lime tree, oat, woodruff, orange, schizandra<\/p>\r\n


          Other information:\u00a0Dietary supplement.<\/p>\r\n

          Ingredients:\u00a0red wine grapes, concentrated grape must, herbal extracts (11 ml in 100 ml beverages): lemon balm, hemp, lime tree, oat, woodruff, orange, schizandra;\u00a0aroma, thickener: Acacia trees, preservative: potassium sorbate, antioxidant: sulfur dioxide.<\/p>\r\n

          Allergens:\u00a0Sulfur dioxide, oat.<\/p>\r\n

          Dosage:\u00a01 dose 50-100ml in the evening, 1-2 hours before bedtime.<\/p>\r\n

          Does not contain artificial colors, sweeteners or sugar beet, contains sulphites.<\/p>\r\n

          Alcohol content 9.5 % of the volume.<\/p>\r\n

          Store in cool and dark. Herbal extracts settle down, haze or foam is not a defect and underline the natural character of the product. Shake before using. Store at 10 \u00b0 C and use within 5 days.<\/p>\r\n

          Warning:\u00a0Not for persons under 18, pregnant and nursing women. Keep out of the reach of children. If you are taking medicines or are sick, talk to your doctor. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Stress and insomnia can be a serious problem, contact your doctor or pharmacist for long or severe problems. It can not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Packaged in a nitrogen atmosphere.<\/p>\r\n

          Information for diabetics:\u00a0The product is available in limited quantities and, after consultation with a physician, can be used in diabetics of the first and second type but must be counted in daily energy intake.<\/p>\r\n

          The energy value of 100ml beverage is 326 kJ \/ 78 kcal.<\/p>|Kitl Nightcap Red 500 ml","menu":"1","name":"Kitl \u0160l\u00e1ftru\u0148k Rud\u00fd 500 ml","slug":"slaftrunk-rudy-500-ml","modified":"2019-01-15 10:03:44","params":{"596":{"label":"Obr\u00e1zek","value":"1802\/slaftrunk-rudy-500.png","list":null},"597":{"label":"Skladov\u00e1 dostupnost","value":"Skladem","list":"746"},"610":{"label":"Mo\u017en\u00fd n\u00e1kup v l\u00e9k\u00e1rn\u011b","value":"yes","list":"748"},"600":{"label":"K\u00f3d","value":"1112","list":null},"601":{"label":"EAN","value":"8595251000043","list":null},"611":{"label":"Po\u010det ks v kartonu","value":"6","list":null},"615":{"label":"Sazba DPH","value":"21","list":"753"},"616":{"label":"D\u00e1rek (v\u010d. DPH)","value":"","list":null},"614":{"label":"Cena v\u010d. DPH","value":"159","list":null},"607":{"label":"Objem","value":"0.5","list":null},"608":{"label":"Alkohol","value":"9,5","list":null},"719":{"label":"Vhodn\u00e9 pro vegetari\u00e1ny\/vegany","value":null,"list":null},"720":{"label":"Bez lepku","value":null,"list":null},"605":{"label":"Rozm\u011bry","value":"58 x 58 x 263 mm","list":null},"604":{"label":"V\u00e1ha","value":"885 g","list":null},"602":{"label":"MJ","value":"l","list":null},"606":{"label":"Z\u00e1ruka","value":"24","list":null},"685":{"label":"Obl\u00edben\u00fd produkt","value":null,"list":null},"849":{"label":"Nad 18 let","value":"POKRA\u010cOV\u00c1N\u00cdM POTVRZUJI, \u017dE JSEM STAR\u0160\u00cd 18 LET.","list":null}},"system":{"image":"1802\/slaftrunk-rudy-500.png","availability":"Skladem","pharmacy":"yes","code":"1112","ean":"8595251000043","package_amount":"6","vat":"21","gift":"","price":"159","capacity":"0.5","alcohol":"9,5","vegetarian":null,"gluten_free":null,"sizes":"58 x 58 x 263 mm","weight":"885 g","unit":"l","guaranty":"24","top":null,"age18":"POKRA\u010cOV\u00c1N\u00cdM POTVRZUJI, \u017dE JSEM STAR\u0160\u00cd 18 LET."},"attachments":[],"child":[]}}],"count":1,"data":[],"currency_code":"CZK","0":"currency_char","1":"K\u010d"}