Locksmith Salve

Locksmith Salve

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Locksmith salve is used on painful and immovable joints and shoulder, supporting also painful muscles and tendons.


  • apply the salve on lesion and intensively rub into the skin;
  • massage the painful spot with your thumb in wheel motions for the duration of 2 minutes, so that the lesion is well perfused;
  • repeat this mentioned procedure 3x a day as long as your problem last.

*) Ingredients: olea europea, cera alba, pinus silvestris, picea abies, cuppressus sempervirens, juniperus komunis, larixis decidua, abidens alba, camphfora, terebenthinae etheroleum. The Chateau Salve is being made in co-operation with sir Magister Balán, specialist on nature medicine.


  • The Salve is made from lymph of young coniferous tree*, beeswax, olive oil and Kaffir;
  • according to a legend, the recipe was stolen from the coat of the doctor Kittel.