How to recycle Kitl bottles

12. 08. 2019 | News
How to recycle Kitl bottles

Kitl uses glass bottles as packaging material for its Syrobes, Mead and Syrups. You often ask us how to recycle our syrup bottles, which are all packed in paper labels. We asked for you in the most suitable places - at the glassworks and at Ekokom, how they handle our bottles and how exactly they are recycled.

How are our Kitl bottles recycled?

Almost 2/3 of the glass used on the Kitl bottles comes from recycled material. Keep it in circulation!

  • Throw the empty bottle with the label and the lid into the glass container
  • The worker at the sorting belt removes large pieces of everything, that doesn´t belong to the glass
  • At the next station, the bottles are crushed into smaller pieces
  • Remnants of paper labels and cork are removed by abrasion, strong suction and the residue burns in the furnace as it melts
  • The remnants of magnetic metals are removed from the closures by means of a strong magnet
  • Optical machines remove other impurities such as stones, chunks of porcelain or bricks
  • The metal detector detects bits of non-magnetic metals and the air jets blow them out
  • The worker checks the mixture of crushed shards, which will then be melted and applied to new bottles