Eleazar Kittel amateur film

Eleazar Kittel amateur film

It is not customary for amateur filmmakers to record a historical film. And it is rare that it is a feature film. A group of enthusiastic filmmakers from Desná village in the Jizera Mountains broken all the taboos and in May 2007 they released a film "Eleazar Kittel".

The film maps 50 years of Kittel's life and captures most of the well-known Kittel legends. Although it is planted 250 years ago, its ideas are still valid today. The theme of temptation, money, glory, hell, power, and sickness is all about us even today. That's why it is definitely worth of seeing.


Interesting moments from filming:

- the first flap was held on the 300th anniversary of Kittel's baptism

- filming and cutting took 3 years

- film costs paid the filmmakers themselves

- 171 amateur actors played in the movie

- the shooting of one of the stage scenes (processions) was threatened by the lack of actors. The filmmakers were able to convince nearby Ukrainian laborers and passing motorbikers

- filmmakers approached filming responsibly, guarding every detail. Not one car, no high chimneys, etc. From the footage shot in Prague, even the towers of St. Vitus Cathedral (which at the time of Kittel did not stand) had to be deleted.

- like every good movie, Eleazar Kittel also contains effects - such as flying on the cloak

- we are delighted that we could be the main partner of the film


On May 1, 2008, exactly a year after its premiere, the film was released on DVD. The disc was baptized stylishly on Kittelovsko and by Kitl Nightcap. The godfather became Petr Linhart, a musician and the author of the song about Doctor Kittel.

It is actually a double-disc = the first disk contains the film itself, the other is with bonus materials (photos, reports etc.)

The photographer of the filming was Karel Koláček.