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Support your immunity in a natural way

Kitl Eligin Organic - extra strong ginger

Kitl Eligin Organic is an extra strong ginger to support immunity with vitamin C. Made from high-quality organic ginger with high levels of active constituents 6-shogaol and 6-gingerol. Kitl Eligin Organic is in special capsules to reduce the heat of the ginger.

Eligin can be used by adults and children over 6 years of age. The ginger in Kitl Eligin Organic supports the immune system’s natural immunity and to normal blood sugar levels. It also contributes to the normal function of the respiratory system. 

Support your immunity in a natural way
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Water sommelier Jan Vokurka, the first in the Czech Republic Entrepreneur of the year in the Liberec region 2020 The main prize Země živitelka 2019 Best Innovative Food Product in 2017 Product of the year 2017 Liberec Region Kitl Mead winner of Mazer Cup International