Company history

How did it all begin

Kitl's history began to be written in 2005. At that time, the idea slowly began to grow in the head of the idea creator named ​​Jan Vokurka. At that time, he was a successful Brand manager in a large international company, but although he was driven to an excellent career, he felt it was not his thing. Still thinking about business, he knew that if he will not try it now, he would never do in future.

In the same year, he and his girlfriend, now his wife, went to Indonesia. He was already looking for ideas, inspiration. He traveled around the marketplace, stalls, alleyways and he looked. Inspiration nevertheless did not appear. It was eventually his partner, who instilled his idea of ​​producing beverages from herbs and, moreover, according to regional recipes. At first, he dismissed the idea, but gradually began to think about it, and already on the way from Indonesia he knew where his future business would go.

But to the first good bottle was a two and a half year long journey. At first Jan Vokurka found his business partners. With an idea, he set out behind his former bosses from Soare Sekt, Jindřich Sobota and Roman Žďárský. He explained them his plan and vision and they were intrigued by his idea. They were just looking for what to do in business, so Jan Vokurka's proposal came at the right moment. Because they all had experiences with wine, they decided to produce herbal wine with soothing effects. But how to make it special?  Here's the idea of ​​Vorkurka's partner. The stages of crawling various recipes and discussions began. Then it was decided. Medicinal drinks, that's right thing!


Honestly and manually

The first was Kitl Nightcap. The first weekend one hundred bottles were sold on one farm. Good sign!

Initially, the bottles were manufactured in modest conditions, in one room in the center of Jablonec nad Nisou just with one part-time worker. Gradually, the number of products has increased. Nowadays, besides the Red and White Kitl Nightcap, the company produces Kitl Energy Elixir without alcohol, medicinal syrup Meducinka, Bohemian Forest Herbal wine, Kitl Mead and Locksmith Salve. A variety of beverages complement syrups - Kitl Ginger Syrup, Mint Syrup, Elderflower Syrup, Kitl Grapefruit Syrup, Sour Cherry, Raspberry and Black currant syrup - made from organic raw materials. For example ginger comes from Indonesia, mint and elderflowers company grows in organic quality in its own orchards.

We want to be efficient, so a lot of machines help us in the production. But we still bet on hand production. Every product goes through our staff. Fabric squares are manually bound on the Energy Elixir bottles. We also put great emphasis on packaging. We try to be nice and instructive and to show something interesting to every customer on every bottle. Personal care impresses our products with a unique character.