• His first names were Jan Josef. The third name Anthony he got from the confirmation and fourth name Eleazar probably associated with membership in the Third Order of St. Francis
  • Surname in the registers has several forms: Kittel, Kittl, Kitl, Kytl .... (we had in the hands his handwritten signature Khittl). Nowadays is stabilized form Kittel.

Kittel is a German designation for the long flowing coat. Dr. Kittel wore it in any weather, in any season. According to legend, it was a dark blue jacket with red lining and Dr. Kittel was able to fly on it.

  • The Emperor Joseph II. passed trough North Bohemia and Šumburk (now Krásná) in 15.9. 1779 and he met Kittel personally. Joseph II. even made a record of his ability in his travel diary.
  • In the 19th century people used this proverb "even Kittel does not help him".

Dr. Kittel inspired many artists, for example:

  • Emma Destinová, real name Emilie Kittel, wrote about him a puppet play.
  • Mikuláš Aleš portrayed Dr. Kittel in the illustration of the book Prague legends.
  • He was mentioned also by writers J. Svátek, J. Wenig, A. Klášterský, J. Knop and J.V. Šimák. And also Germans K. Fischer (Jablonec interwar mayor), A. Kieswetter and famous writer G. Leutelt.
  • From the present we would like to mention Peter Linhart and his album Sudetenland.