About us

Why did we found Kitl company

  • in the past, medicinal wines were used for healing. Today, unfortunately, synthetic drugs have made them obsolete. Our aim is to bring them back.
  • we are from Jablonec n/N in the Jizera Mountains of Czech Republic, and we love the countryside here
  • we also love healing herbs and wine
  • we produce "drinks that heal, healings that you can savor"

Why is the company named Kitl and not Kittel

Though we have a lot of information about famous doctor Kittel (including his recipes), we are not his descendants or heirs. Doctor Kittel is our inspiration, both as a healer and guru. Therefore, with a respect to him, we have chosen similar name, but not the same.

Our philosophy

In the former Bohemia, it was said about people with no chance to recover "Even Kittel can not help them". Therefore we choose as our mission „Kitl helps“.

Yes, we must make money to exist, but we want our work will help not only to us. That is the reason why we organize gathering "Save Kittelovsko" (Kittel´s place).