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About Kitl

I started in Jablonec, but soon I moved to Prague. I was in charge of a well-known brand at a giant multinational chocolate factory. I brought it to the local market and it was a great success. From zero, we managed to achieve a turnover of two hundred million in two years! They patted me on the back, but it somehow didn't fill me. I felt the corporation was a golden cage. All my life I would just move from one manager position to another. And I was attracted to business from my childhood. It means freedom for me.

I was convinced I had a business in my blood. My great-grandfather had a liquor factory in Dobruška almost a hundred years ago. Because I am interested in history, I had my business data extracted. And he didn't find any big business! My great-grandfather co-owned the liquor factory Archleb, but besides that he had large collections of stamps, coins, shells, labels, he played theater, he also ran a pub. But he was still the only entrepreneur in our family. Daddy is a physicist and university professor, mom a doctor. Maybe I can mention that at the time I started building Kitl, they looked at my actions with misunderstanding.

Dr. Kittel fascinated me. Not only his story and the legends that conquer him, but also the fact that there is still a house called Burk, where Kittel ordained and researched. Therefore, we borrowed a name for the company from him and began to spread the doctor's message. We published a public collection for repairs to Burk at Krásná village, after a while we rented a house in the immediate vicinity, where we operated the Kittel Museum, and we also participated in the creation of a nature trail around.

I am a patriot and the place is also key for our company. If I do business in the creation of computer software, it does not matter whether the company is based in Jablonec or New York. But in beverage, the place is so important. Take for example Pilsner beer or Carlsbad Becherovka.

And equally important to me is quality. We do not yet have the money for large advertising campaigns, so we are entering our products in various competitions to make them a little more visible. We also try to be as open to the public as possible. Every year we organize an event called Open Barrels Day, where hundreds to thousands of people come to visit us. Our customers, friends, business partners, but also the Governor of the Liberec Region Martin Půta.

In 2018 we took a huge step and bought the area of ​​Vratislavická kyselka. I remember it in full operation when we were passing it by tram. It was and still is a magical place. I have it connected with my childhood and especially with my aunt, who always poured us a glass of Kyselka.

Now it is a huge challenge for us. We started with the cleaning of the whole area and now we have started the reconstruction of the hall. It has been in close proximity to the chateau since the 1980s. We would like to start production within five years. And then we can jump on to the mansion. It is beautiful, but in a disastrous state. So we must earn money to save it.


Honza Vokurka


Photos from the production of Kitl drinks and other behind the scenes of our company: