Dr. Kittel

Johann Josef Antonius Eleazar Kittel (1704 - 1783) was a famous doctor from the village Krásná*) in the Jizera Mountains. His unusual healing skills, willingness to help the poor and big fortune made him a reputation of having a deal with the Devil himself.

He was said to fly to his patients on a magic coat and use magic books to control ravens.There were a dissecting room, human skeletons, a greenhouse with precious herbs and a water spa in his huge and mysterious house called Burk.

When he was older, in order to save his soul, Kittel paid the construction of a school, a well with healing water, a rectory and a church.

*) Today Krásná is a part of the village Pěnčín, 5km southwards from Jablonec nad Nisou (map)