Kitl´s orchards are run in organic mode

31. 07. 2018 | News
Kitl´s orchards are run in organic mode

In 2012, we decided to ensure that our customers would have a really high quality elderflower syrup. To have enough of the quality flowers for their production, we started to cooperate with the Research and Breeding Institute in Holovousy and set up our own orchard of cultivated varieties.

Since then, we have been processing fresh flowers into our Kitl Elderflower Syrup from our own orchard, which is kept in the organic regime, so that the chemistry used to treat plants in conventional agriculture will not get into the final syrup. Planted elderberries are of special varieties, and so the Kitl syrups are fragrant and delicious.

In addition, we process the flowers in cold so that the syrup maintains health benefits.

Our recipe for making Elderflower syrups is similar to that which was used by generations of grandmothers and moms for their home-made syrups.

Take a look at the photos from the establishing of our orchard, how it has grown over the years, and how such an elderflower harvest for Kitl syrups is running.