Kitl Meducinka 250 ml

Kitl Meducinka 250 ml

Medicinal syrup for flu and colds. It is made from thickened apple juice, propolis, medicinal herbs and vitamin C. It does not contain any beet sugar. Thanks to its composition, Meducinka can be used by children.

Category: Kitl Meducinka , Imunita
119,90 CZK
479,60 CZK / 1 l


Helps to strengthen the natural immune system of an organism. 

Composition: propolis, healing herbs*) a vitamin C in an apple juice; it contains only the sugar from fruits and no beet sugar, no substitute sweetening agents (artifical sweetener). It is non-alcoholic.

*) Hippophae rhamnoides (the common sea-buckthorn), Echinacea purpurea (Eastern purple coneflower), Barbados Cherry, Rosa canina (commonly known as the dog rose) fruit.