Public collection to Save the Kittel area

The aim of the collections is to get money for continuing repair and development of Kittelovsko area. The gains of the collection are used to repair properties in the area, archaeological excavations in the area of ​​Kittelovsko, protection and restoration of nature and greenery at Kittelovsko, extension of the nature trail and translations of historical materials related to Kittelovsko.

The first public collection for the rescue of Kittelovko took place between 2007 and 2011. During this period, a total of CZK 63,025 was collected. One fifth of the sum was used to build the Kittelovsko nature trail, and the rest for the reconstruction and restoration of the statue of St. Joseph, who was stolen from the grounds.

The second recollection took place between 2012 and 2015. A total of CZK 38,697 was collected. Less than one fifth of the sum was used to rebuild the main altar of the St. Josef at Krásná village. Another part of the money was used to analyze the water of two Kittel springs (St. Joseph's well and a well between Kittel's House and Kittel's Museum). The remaining part was used to restore and update the educational trail on Kittelovsko.

Everyone who contributed thank you very much!