Kitl introduced Cucumber syrup in organic quality, the first in the Czech Republic

28. 05. 2019 | News
Kitl introduced Cucumber syrup in organic quality, the first in the Czech Republic

Cucumber syrup, the first in organic quality on the Czech market, was developed by the Jablonec company Kitl. It is on sale from June 1st. The syrup is intended for both home use and catering operations. Perfect for making refreshing lemonades and flavoring alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Cucumber organic lemonade is a novelty that Kitl has prepared for this year. The Jablonec producer of syrups, which prides itself on the quality and fairness of its products, has been developing a new syrup for over a year. "The cucumber gave us a hard time," says Jan Vokurka, Managing Director of Kitl. “If you try to make cucumber syrup at home, it will have a great taste and a beautiful color. Unfortunately only a few days. Then, in a moment, it loses both and becomes impossible to drink, ”he says. Perhaps, therefore, cucumber syrup in Czech kitchens did not become popular as a home-made syrup. Although its taste is great and the drink is very refreshing.

And that's why it took the developers in Kitl for months to develop a formula that preserves the natural character and taste of the drink and avoids artificial substitutes and dyes. “I am a meticulous and all our products have huge demands. I'd rather wait a year and try it over and over before giving up and accepting artificial additives, ”Jan Vokurka describes the reasons for the long development. The result is more than satisfied. Cucumber Syrob is in Bio quality, sweetened with quality cane sugar.

According to Vokurka, Kitl Syrob Cucumber Bio is intended for home use as well as restaurants and bars. “Its use is very wide. From refreshing lemonade with ice and mint leaves to alcoholic cocktails or delicious homemade ice cream, ”says Jan Vokurka, adding that the recipes are always on the label itself.

The new Syrob is available from June 1 in selected health food stores, restaurants, in the Jablonec business shop Kitl and at