Kitl Syrob – for healthy home-made soft drinks

02. 02. 2016 | News
Kitl Syrob – for healthy home-made soft drinks

Kitl syrups for healthy home-made soft drinks

Kitl Syrobs are excellent dense syrups manufactured according to traditional domestic regulations. They have a delicious flavor and are ideal for preparing home-made lemonades, hot drinks and cocktails or other drinks. The syrups are made from fresh herbs in BIO quality, the syrups of the fruit line then contain a high proportion of the fruit component. Plants are processed in cold so that the syrups are rich in health, aromatic and tasteful.

How did we start to produce syrups?

We wanted to make Elderberry syrup as it has been produced for centuries in households and how people do it even today. We went to the Turnov Museum to see its director Vladimíra Jakouběová, an ethnographer and a writer, whether she would have an old recipe for us in the archives. She had! The recipe comes from area under the Krkonoše mountains and our Syrob could not have been named otherwise.

Why to buy our Kitl Syrob?

The best syrup in the world is the one you make yourself at home.

However, it is rather laborious and lengthy, you make the whole kitchen dirty and you consume plenty of electricity. Plants are only available during part of the year. And finally, not every time you do a good job – sometimes the syrup gets cloudy in the cellar or the bottle can ferment and explode.

So, for those who do not have the time or power to produce their syrups at home, we offer the second best syrups in the world – all year round and in constant top quality.