New syrup - Kitl Raspberry Syrob

01. 06. 2017 | News
New syrup - Kitl Raspberry Syrob

On 4th July, we would like to introduce you a new product, expanding the product range of Kitl syrups – The Raspberry Syrob!

The launching ceremony of the Kitl Raspberry Syrob will take place during the Day of Open Barrels on Friday 21.7.2017.

The product is definitely the number one in raspberry syrups on the market, none of other producers can boast with the 100% proportion of fruit component. Its taste is significantly better that the taste of competing syrups, including the recent winner of Blesk test. Due to the high price of raspberries, the price of our Raspberry Syrob is also higher, but we are sure its quality and taste will persuade you.

You may find it in the shops with other Kitl syrups, mainly in health food shops, pharmacies or in our e-shop