St. John´s day 2018

18. 6. 2018 | News
St. John´s day 2018

St. John´s day 2018 with prehistoric axes, cynology, and grass-cutting competition.

On Saturday, June 23, 2018, a rich program in Krásná village (close to Pěnčín) is waiting for you.


  • 10:00 Opening of the museum, welcoming pilgrims
  • Through the day of action for all incoming, workshops and competitions for children, all the time the fire in front of the museum - possibility of barbaque, riding on the wheelbarrow. Potter's circle is available all day with the opportunity to try and make your own product.
  • 11:00 and 15:30 Kittel House - a review of Dr. Kittel's legendary house, which has been undergoing reconstruction since 2005 - talking about history (Jan Sedlák)
  • 13:00 The Day of Prehistoric Axes - examples of the production of tools made of stone "iron", which was mined 7500 years ago and processed near the museum. Talk about the history and the possibility of exploring the site of the mining findings with the archeologist Petr Šída.
  • 15:00 Presentation of Labrador retriever breed, talking about its use and breeding by Katka Fričová, performing dogs - Bet On Me and Born To Love Honey Bunny - Lucy and Betynka.
  • Outdoor music for all incoming. Take the musical instruments with you. Everyone can get involved and get out publicly :-)
  • 17:00 Grass cutter 2018 - Lawn mowing contest for all incoming, demonstrations and the chance to try cutting. The competition is specific in that it does not evaluate the speed of mowing, but style, approach, quality :)
  • Summer Solstice - Remembrance of pagan traditions
  • St. John´s night - Remembrance of the Traditions of the St. John Day, storytelling, Midsummer flowers, fairy tales and midnight prayer.

Throughout the day, Kittel's museum tours, tasting Kitl drinks and the possibility of snacks - smoked sausages, beer and more.

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We look forward to meeting!