A passionate cocktail

14. 05. 2023 | Recipes
A passionate cocktail

Fancy a simple but refreshing summer drink? Try our passion-filled passion fruit cocktail! It won't take you too long to prepare - it will only take a few minutes. Emotions will be awakened after the first sips...


  • Kitl Syrob Maracuja
  • Ice cubes or ice chips
  • White rum
  • sparkling water
  • fresh mint


  1. In a tall cocktail glass (e.g. a martini glass works well), pour a few ice cubes or fill with ice chips
  2. Pour in Kitl Syrob Maracuja (We recommend diluting 1:10, so estimate the amount well)
  3. Add a small shot of white rum
  4. Top up the glass with sparkling water and stir
  5. Garnish with fresh mint leaves