Elderflower cocktail HUGO

06. 05. 2017 | Video recipes
Elderflower cocktail HUGO

Recipe for Elderflower cocktail HUGO


  • Kitl Elderflower Syrob
  • Prosecco
  • Soda
  • Lime and fresh mint

Preparation process:

Add fresh mint and sliced half of the lime into a high glass of ice. Add Kitl Elderflower Syrup and a little soda. Stir and pour with Prosecco. You can decorate it with a slice of lime.

Cocktail HUGO is a light alcoholic drink, which is especially popular at adults in summer. It is very refreshing and tastes delicious. If you miss out on Prosecco, you'll get an excellent Kitl Elderflower soft drink for kids as well.