Šumava Herbal wine

Šumava Herbal wine

129,90 CZK
259,80 CZK / 1 l
107,36 CZK bez DPH



  • for good digestion
  • dosage 100-200 ml, twice a day after a meal
  • a precise dosage can be also measured with the match marks on the label’s margin
  • the bitter substances in the medicinal herbs affect positively the production of digestive juices and therefore stimulate well the digestion
  • the taste of the wine excel in the temperature range of 10-12°C

History of Šumava Herbal wine

  • traditional product manufactured before 1989 in Vimperk
  • current recipe is inspired by the original but enhanced little bit:
  • 12 most important herbs replaced original 22 herbs
  • product contains glucose instead of only sugar beet