Kitl Spruce Organic

Kitl Spruce Organic

119 CZK
476 CZK / 1 l


Kitl Spruce Organic is a syrup from young spruce tips with vitamin C. It is suitable for children and adults during cold. Spruce tips were used in traditional folk healing during the cold and Kitl Spruce Organic continues these traditions.

Kitl Spruce Organic contains only 3 ingredients:

  • young spruce tips in organic quality
  • cane sugar in organic quality
  • vitamin C

The result is a unique product on the market – food supplement in organic quality.

Recommended dosage:

One dose is 5 ml (a tea spoon). Children 1-3 years two doses per day *, children 4-6 years four doses per day, children over 7 years and adults five doses per day. It may be diluted with water or lukewarm tea in a ratio of 1:7.