Cherry Eton Mess

03. 04. 2018 | Recipes
Cherry Eton Mess

Recipe for cherry Eton Mess


On puffs:

  • 115 g of fine sugar
  • 2 egg whites
  • vinegar
  • pinch of salt

On cherries:

On whipped cream:

  • 250 ml whipped cream
  • a few drops of vanilla extract


  1. Thoroughly get rid of grease on the bowl in which you will whisk the whites (for example with a paper towel slightly moistened in vinegar).
  2. Put the whites with a pinch of salt into the bowl and start whipping it (medium).
  3. When the whites become lighter, add sugar over the spoon. Always whisk and then add another spoon of sugar.
  4. We beat whites until they are beautifully solid and shiny.
  5. Put the whisked whites in a candy bag and make the puffs.
  6. Depending on how big puffs you create, you choose the length of baking. Bake at 90 degrees for 60-80 minutes.
  7. Meanwhile, prepare your sour cherries. Cook the sour cherries (without stones) along with sour cherry syrup Kitl and quality cognac. After about 5 minutes, remove the sour cherries and reduce the remaining syrup. Then put the pan on a side, return the cherries back to the pan and allow to cool.
  8. Whip up the cream with the vanilla extract (into a solid mixture).
  9. Stratify cherries, crushed puffs and whipped cream into the glass.
  10. Finally, decorate the dessert top with whole puffs.

This recipe has been specially prepared for Kitl by blogger Na skok v kuchyni.

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