Hot drink Kitl suitable during colds

03. 01. 2019 | Recipes
Hot drink Kitl suitable during colds

This hot drink recipe is great for lovers of cinnamon, elderflower scent and the scent of spruce tree. And if you are also asking "How do I release my stuffy nose?" because you are ill - this drink is exactely for you.


Recipe for Hot drink Kitl - suitable during colds



  1. Cut the apples into smaller pieces and put them in the water with cinnamon and cloves. Cook for about 5 minutes.
  2. Let the mixture cool down a bit. Then pour it into cups (about 250 ml). Add one or two tablespoons of Kitl Spruce Organic and of Kitl Elderflower syrup to each cup. Syrups sweetens the drink, so the amount of syrup you add depends on your taste.
  3. Enjoy the drink when it is still hot.


This recipe was prepared in co-operation with the blogger Češka z Česka.


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