Light raspberry lemonade Kitl

18. 06. 2018 | Recipes
Light raspberry lemonade Kitl

Recipe for light raspberry lemonade Kitl

This recipe has gone through the rating and certification program Vím, co jím (I know what I drink). It is approved by dietologist PhDr. Karolína Hlavatá, Ph.D. z Vím, co jím (I know what I eat).


  • tablespoon of Raspberry Syrup Kitl (15 ml)
  • soda (250 ml)
  • fresh raspberries (about 5 pcs)
  • several fresh mint leaves (about 3 pcs)


  1. Put the ice in the glass and pour it with syrup Kitl Raspberry.
  2. Add fresh raspberries and pour with chilled soda.
  3. Carefully mix everything.
  4. At the end decorate it with fresh mint leaves.