Spruce tree coctail

21. 05. 2018 | Recipes
Spruce tree coctail

Recipe for coctail "Spruce tree"

Spruce tree coctail is an original recipe from Crazy Daisy Bar Prague. An amazing non-alcoholic cocktail from our Kitl Spruce Organic.


  • cotton candy
  • 2 cl of Kitl Spruce Organic syrup
  • 2 cl Yuzu Puree
  • 1 dl of Chinese half-green tea
  • dried violets


  1. In the shaker, mix Kitl Spruce Organic with Yuzu Puree and Chinese Tea.
  2. Prepare the crushed ice.
  3. Put ice in a suitable container and pour it with a mixture of the shaker. Put the skewel wrapped in the cotton candy as a tree and finally sprinkle with dried violets. (Tip: crushed ice can be sprinkled with grated chocolate as a symbol of the earth)

Spruce tree is the original drink from Kitl Spruce Organic. Try it!


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