Kitl Mead 100 ml

Kitl Mead 100 ml

Kitl Mead is made from cold mead and 4 herbs in organic quality). It is sweetened only by thickened grape juice, it contains no beet sugar and is not dusted. Alcohol content is about 12 % of the volume. It is suitable for warming up you body and soul.

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46,90 CZK
469,00 CZK / 1 l
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Honey and other bee products have been used in our country to heal for a long time. They contain many active substances and help with a number of problems. It is not historically documented, but it is possible, that Dr. Kittel also used honey and honey products in the treatments.

Kitl Mead

It is made of honey, grape juice and 4 herbs in organic quality. It is used to warm the body, containing 12% alcohol.

Kitl Mead is packaged in unbreakable plastic bottles of 100 ml and is suitable for hiking or skiing.