Kitl Mead Prague selection 250ml

Kitl Mead Prague selection 250ml

Special edition of Kitl Mead in a design with Prague landmarks. Kitl Mead is cold produced from mead and 4 herbs in an organic quality. It is great to warm-up the body and soul. It is suitable as a beautiful and delicious present.

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Kitl Mead - to war-up a chilly organism

Kitl Mead is great to warm-up the body and soul during long winter evenings. Our Mead has not been boiled and therefore keeps the beneficial properties of honey that it is made of.

No alcohol is added, the alcohol the Mead contains is of a natural origin. The Mead is made of 4 herbs in organic quality. The herbs are macerated in the Mead, thanks to which the product has its typical flavour.

The mead is sweetened with grape juice only, it doesn’t contain any added sugar or artificial sweeteners. There are also no colourings added, the mead keeps its natural colour.

What does Kitl Mead contain?

  • mead
  • thickened grape juice
  • herbal extracts (Wild Thyme, Small-leaved Linden, Lemon Grass and Elderflower) in organic quality

The alcohol content is approx. 12% and is only of a natural origin (no alcohol added).

Ingredients: mead, thickened grape juice, herbal extracts (Wild Thyme*, Small-leaved Linden*, Lemon Grass*, Elderflower*), preservative: potassium sorbate, antioxidant: sulphur dioxide.

* from organic farming

Store in a cool and dark place. Herbal extracts may settle, any cloudiness or foaming is not a concern as it highlights the naturalness of the product. Shake well before use. Serve chilled. After opening, store in a temperature up to 10 °C and use withing 5 days. Packaged in a protective atmosphere.

Allergens: - sulphur dioxide