The Book of Doctor Kittel (G. Leutelt)

The Book of Doctor Kittel (G. Leutelt)

The Czech edition of Gustav Leutelt's book, "Dr. Kittel, the mysterious figure of the Jizera Mountains". The author wrote it during World War II. His last work was published before he was forced to leave his native Jablonec area as part of the transfer. The text was translated into Czech by Christa Petrásková.

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The Last Work of Gustav Leutelt. It was published in 1943 and, although the author probably did not know it at that time, he said goodbye to his beloved Jizera Mountains. "The theme of the book apparently was not accidental - he wanted to pay tribute to his mother and wife, both of whom were associated with the family of the miraculous doctor and healer Johann Anton Eleazar Kittel," explained Jitka Noskova from the Jablonec Municipal Library.

The book "Dr. Kittel, the mysterious figure of the Jizera Mountains" is another piece in the mosaic about the history of our region and about the life of the famous Jizera Mountains healer, to whom our company claims to, ”explains Jan Vokurka, Managing Director of Kitl, why the company released the czech translation after 76 years from the original book release.

Christa Petrásková took care of the translation of the work.

The book is also available in the audio version, which was directed by Mr. Miloň Čepelka from the Jára Cimrman Theater.


The publication of the book was supported by the statutory city of Jablonec nad Nisou and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.


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