Kitl Black currant Syrup

Kitl Black currant Syrup

Kitl Syrob Black currant contains a high proportion of fruit component. For 100 ml of syrup, 104 ml of fruit juice and pulp is used. Kitl blackberry syrup is suitable for home-made refreshing lemonades and cocktails. It is also excellent for hot drinks and dessert flavors.

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Kitl Syrob Black currant with pulp 500 ml

The fruits of black currant (Ribes nigrum L.) contain a large number of natural plant antioxidants and also vitamin C. Just because of its high content the Black currant syrup was distributed to children under two years of age during the Second World War. Fresh fruits can be used raw, but also serve to produce a whole range of sweet or sour beverages and meals.

The proportion of the fruit component in the syrup is at least 100% = 100 ml of syrup is made from 104 ml of fruit juice and pulp.

Suitable for preparing home refreshing lemonades and for tasting hot and cold beverages and cocktails.


Dosage: For the preparation of home-made lemonade, best serve in ratio 1:10 with quality water, for the preparation of hot beverages in a ratio 1:8.

Ingredients: sugar, black currant juice (97 %) from concentrate, blackcurrant pulp (7 %), acidifier: citric acid, preservative: potassium sorbate, flavouring.

Store in cool and dark conditions. Fruit extracts can sediment, any turbidity or foam is not a defect and underline the natural character of the product. Shake before using. After opening, keep it cool and consume within 30 days.

Product contains in 100 ml: energy value 1382 kJ / 330 kcal, fats <0.1 g, of which saturated fatty acids <0.1 g, carbohydrates 79 g, of which sugars 79 g, protein <0.1 g, salt <0.1 g.


Recipes from Black currant Syrob Kitl

Blackcurrant lemonade

Kitl Syrob Black currant, soda and melon cut into cubes.


Famous French cocktail Kir Royal

Pour 1 cl of blackcurrant Syrup into the bottom of the sparkling wine glass and add 15 cl of sparkling wine or champagne. Mix lightly and have a very refreshing drink.


Black currant ice cream

Mix the black currant syrup with cream and leave it to freeze. Serve in small porcelain bowls after a good meal.


Black currant vodka

Black currant has been cultivated since the 11th century in the Russian monastery gardens and came to Europe in the late 17th century.

Try mixing 4 cl of quality vodka, 4 cl Kitl Syrob Black Currant, ice scrub and soda. Cheers!

Recepty z Kitl Black currant Syrup

French cocktail Kir Royal

French cocktail Kir Royal

Kir Royal The famous cocktail Kir Royal comes from France. It is soft, alcoholic and very refreshing. Ingredients: 1 cl Kitl Syrob Black currant 15 cl chilled André Brut Procedure: Pour the bottom of the sparkling wine glass with the blackcurrant Syrob Kitl. Add chilled sparkling wine (e.g.  André Brut) or champagne up to 15 cl into the glass. Mix it lightly and you get a very refreshing and delicious drink.

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Summer pleasure coctail

Summer pleasure coctail

Recipe for Summer pleasure coctail Ingredients: 1 small shot of Kitl Syrob Black currant 1 small shot of quality Gin Tonic Ice cubes Few black currant berries Procedure: Put the ice cubes in the glass, pour it with Kitl Black currant syrup and add Gin. Refill the rest of the glass with a cold Tonic. Use a few black currant berries to decorate.

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