Kitl Mint Syrup

Kitl Mint Syrup

Excellent dense syrup from fresh mint leaves, grown in organic quality. Due to its composition and its friendly production process, our syrup is rich in health and aromatic substances. It is great for preparing refreshing home-made soft drinks.

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119 CZK
238 CZK / 1 l


Kitl Mint Syrup is prepared from fresh leaves of organic mint, which we then macerate in cold water. By using organic mint, unwanted chemicals from conventional farming will not get into the finished syrup. The specific flavor of our Mint Syrup is caused by the use of the curly mint – better known as spearmint. Thanks to the friendly production process, our syrup contains health benefit substances and is aromatic and tasty.

Where does our organic mint come from?

We buy the organic mint from a local Czech grower from Vysočina area.